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This is my fear of flying, your one-stop shop to conquer your flying anxiety. We use a bespoke combination of psychological approaches including hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP, underpinned by expert technical knowledge to manage your fear of flying. But most importantly, you will learn special techniques that will automatically regulate your anxiety WHILST ON THE PLANE. We can deliver our programme to you online, or face-to-face at our clinic in Perthshire.

Who are we?

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    Harry Holbrook, SQHP CNHC reg

    Senior Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and former CAA qualified Flying Instructor.

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    h2 Hypnotherapy

    Well established psychological therapy and anxiety specialists.

why this is the best therapy

Maybe you've tried straightforward hypnotherapy, or a course run by an airline that combines technical information delivered by a pilot with some psychological understanding and a few 'tools' to quel anxiety and this has been fine until you actually board the plane? We will give you all this but also the missing ingedient - a method that allows you to minimise the upsurge of stress in real time, meaning you have less need for 'relaxation techniques'.

we offer three bespoke packages

Choose from a package below, or tell us what you need and we will sort it. For further details see our 'packages' page.

what is a fear of flying?

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Flying Anxiety

Fear of flying (aerophobia or aviophobia) is one of the most common phobias, and flying anxiety unduly affects an estimated 20-40% of people at some time. On the face of it, such anxiety is irrational as statistics prove that flying is one of the safest forms of travel. For those affected, however, such fear severely limits their lifestyle, leisure and business opportunities as flying becomes more of an essential part of our lives. Fear of flying can affect anybody, regardless of age, education, intelligence, gender or professional status. Luckily, help is at hand that can allow sufferers to reduce their fears to a manageable level and in some cases even enjoy flying!.